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Family Posture Evaluation

Posture can tell you a lot about the health of your spine, and your general wellbeing.

If posture is out of balance, then there is likely to be an irregularity in the spine, putting unhealthy pressure on the nervous system. This phenomenon is called “subluxation”. Whilst many people believe that some sort of trauma is to blame, the reality is that daily wear and tear can lead to an imbalance or irregularity – this includes, sleeping, standing, walking; even emotional stress, work, sport and the birth process can be to blame.

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Chiropractors believe that a fully functioning spine, and thus nervous system, can significantly improve health and helps to achieve an optimal level of wellbeing for all individuals. Early detection of abnormalities and subluxation is the best way of treating the problems and associated symptoms. While it’s important to get a chiropractor to fully and accurately assess your health, there are a couple of ways you can quickly assess your family’s posture and look for the signs of subluxation.

The following steps will help you to observe and record the postural condition of each member of your family.


Participant stands with feet shoulder-width apart and toes parallel then closes eyes and nods head back and forth twice, bringing head back to the middle. Keep eyes closed for 10 seconds while observer check shoulder and hip levels.

Observer: stands facing the participant and lightly places index fingers under the participant’s ears, noting which is higher. Then place index fingers on top of the participants shoulders, noting which shoulder is higher. Then place index fingers on top of the participant’s hips. Note which hip is higher.

If you notice that either of the ears, shoulders or hips is higher than other, this might be a sign of subluxation in the spine. Discussing the matter with any of the chiropractors here at Walkerville Chiropractic is the best way to clear up any doubt and begin the process of fixing any worrying issues. A full examination, and in some instances – Xray – can establish the progress and severity of any subluxation or, indeed, any other musculoskeletal issues.

Keeping your family’s posture in good order ensures a happy and healthy team of individuals. If you have any questions or concerns about your family’s health and the development of their spine, have a chat to either Dr Goran or Dr Andrija Chiropractor Adelaide during your next visit. Full and comprehensive evaluation and treatment is the best way of tackling any issues before they become a major problem. Our chiropractors are fully equipped to address issues of this nature and are more than happy to help you achieve the best from your body.

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