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Boosting Bone Density Naturally

Osteoporosis affects a large proportion of both Australian men and women annually. In addition, a large number of deaths occur from complications to fractures and falls associated with the brittle bones and immobility that comes with the condition.

Medical doctors are often quick to prescribe medications to alleviate the pain and some of the symptoms that come with the condition, but rarely treat the route cause of the problem – bone degeneration. The reality is, there are many natural ways of treating osteoporosis and many options available to increase the bone density to both deal with and prevent the condition.

Weight bearing exercise is by far the most important component for bone strength. In addition to regular exercise, which helps to promote mobility and keeps circulation flowing normally, regular chiropractic care can help the bones to maintain health working order and slow down the processes of aging.

Recently, a number of research studies have uncovered that a number of natural supplements are also helpful in reversing, slowing or preventing the onset of osteoarthritic conditions.

Various forms of calcium (e.g. carbonate, citrate, citrate-malate) and vitamin D, as well as ipriflavone, have all delivered positive results in helping to improve bone density in older Australians and sufferers of musculoskeletal conditions.

A fibre derived from the horny goat weed (also known as yin yang huo) has also proved to be highly effective in this instance, and has an ability to increase bone density in the hip and lumbar spine in postmenopausal women. Unlike synthetic imitations, previously used widely in the medical profession, the Icariin found in this family of plants has had marvellous results, and is all natural. A number of studies have found that icariin can inhibit osteoclastic activity of the bones (the process of breaking down bone tissue) and have therapeutic properties.

Bones also require a host of other nutrients. Vitamin C, zinc, copper, manganese and B vitamins (provided by a good multivitamin and mineral supplement) are all excellent promoters of a strong immune system. The best source of these nutrients also comes from food sources – green leafy vegetables, fruits and legumes provide all the supplementation you need. Combined with a healthy lifestyle and frequent weight bearing exercise, a recipe for long-lasting optimal health is readily available.

Currently, the trend by practitioners is to provide pharmaceutical options for the pain and suffering of osteoporotic patients. However, the chiropractic profession is gaining ground and voice in their fight to turn the attention to more natural and less problematic options. Pharmaceuticals have shown to be effective in advanced cases; however the number of side-effects observed in patients and the dangers that can be involved are seriously concerning.

The chiropractors here at Walkerville Chiropractic are able to counsel patients on preserving and improving their bone density and preventing the onset of bone disease. We do this through a holistic approach to health; promoting the importance of health and overall wellbeing in a happy, friendly and supportive environment.

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