During the natural course of our lives the quality of our eyesight fluctuates. With time, it’s generally the case that eyesight deteriorates, as do the natural functions of the body from general wear and tear. Given the nature of some of the conditions that can present themselves in the eye, many people traditionally will turn to medicine and surgery to tackle problems that arise. However, there are many alternative methods to help boost eye health and prevent the onset of serious conditions to the eye.
As with most aspects of general well-being, health practitioners including chiropractors have always advised that maintaining a healthy diet is key to promoting a level of optimum function in the body. This too, is the case with our eyes. 
There are a number of foods and vitamins that we can take to protect and improve or eyesight. 
Minerals such as Lutein, Chromium, Zinc and Selenium, found in tomatoes, spinach, bananas, broccoli, papayas, brussel sprouts, zucchini, onions, beef, pork, chicken, dairy and wholegrain products, are fantastic for boosting eyesight naturally, but also boost the body’s all-round immune system. Vitamins A, E and C are also excellent sources of natural fighting agents. Herbs and spices such as dill, turmeric, bilberry, oregano, grape seed extract and eyebright are also packed with these vitamins and minerals, essential for optimum health. 
Experts also recommend that we take care of our eyes during our day-to-day activities. Wearing sunglasses when we’re in the sun protects them from harmful rays, and similarly, wearing protective gear around hazardous chemicals is also strongly suggested. Washing eyes in cold water can also help to keep them bright, and women are strongly urged to remove their makeup before going to bed as well as ensuring their makeup is replaced in due course. 
Most people would never consider it, but chiropractic care can also contribute significantly to the overall condition of the eyes and general vision. Researchers have conducted numerous studies to investigate these claims and have found remarkable results. Patients of chiropractic care, along with a number of other health improvements, have seen an improvement in their field of vision, a reduction in blurriness and the slowing down of the development of already present ailments in the eyes (e.g. glaucoma). 
As chiropractors adjust and realign the spinal column, the nervous system is then allowed to function effectively and to its full potential, relieving tension and interference within the body accordingly. Throughout the spine there are certain vertebrae that correspond to various parts of the body – including the eyes. The Sympathetic Chain is connected to the eyes, ears and other such sense organs. Allowing this system, and indeed the entire nervous system to work their best, overall health and function are significantly improved. 
As mentioned, specific problems can be addressed by chiropractic care to some startling results, however regular and prolonged care can also help to boost the body’s natural defence mechanisms to promote an excellent level of general well-being. 
If you have any concerns regarding your overall health, or perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your vision, please do not hesitate to talk to any of our skilled Adelaide chiropractors about the condition at your next visit. Not only are they able to help treat the conditions, they are skilled in being able to identify the root causes and underlying issues that might spark these conditions in the first place!

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