Ear Infections

Unfortunately, it’s very common for young children to experience the pain and distress of ear infections; and it’s not an uncommon occurrence in adults. Almost 50 per cent of children will develop an ear infection in their first year and just over 66 per cent suffer the same condition in their first three years. The causes are varied; they can occur from trapped substances (like water or wax) within the ear, or can be the result of respiratory infection.

During an infection, fluid builds up behind the eardrum causing significant pressure and inflammation. Irritability, pain, temporary hearing loss, even fever can result.

Many children develop multiple infections over the course of their childhood – this can be an indication that their nervous system is not functioning as it should be.

Walkerville Chiropractic Chiropractor Adelaide has successfully treated both adults and children with ear infections, and has seen some marvellous results in preventing the development of further and varying infections.

This is because chiropractors used a variety of tried and tested methods to align the spine, help the nervous system back to its optimal level and promote the best in health and wellbeing.

The tendencies in western medical circles are to prescribe antibiotics to treat the growth of bacteria in the ear, not all of which are bad. However, this can be ineffective if the root cause of the problem is not bacterial. Other practices also encourage surgery and invasive procedures.

At Walkerville Chiropractic Chiropractor Adelaide we believe that these problems can often be dealt with in a much less invasive and more natural way. Regular adjustments can prevent the drainage of fluid and help to restore function to the areas which are most problematic for young children. Not only does this prevent them from developing problems in the ear canal, but also promotes a level of wellness they can carry through life for better growth, development and health.

If your child is prone to illness and infection, we urge you to discuss the natural alternatives to relief with either Dr Andrija or Dr Goran at your next consultation. Both doctors have seen incredible results in young patients – many of which have been happy, healthy patients for decades!

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