Better Breathing

“In… and out”. Breathing is not only key to our survival, but it’s the key to relaxation and fighting the body’s natural symptoms of stress. So with that said, chiropractors in Adelaide question why are nearly half of all Australians still breathing incorrectly. 
While the mechanics of breathing might seem pretty straight forward – you inhale oxygen which is cycled around the body and then exhale, releasing carbon dioxide and other toxins – in times of stress, these functions may not work to their best ability. This is because as the body tightens and energy shifts from regular functioning to primary survival systems, the body prepares itself to fight off danger. This reaction is known as the “fight or flight” response and happens both on a physical and chemical level. Physically, heart rate and blood pressure may increase, the abdomen tightens and muscles in the upper chest work hard to get more air into the lungs. 
Usually, once stressors have passed the body returns to its normal state of being, but if stress is prolonged or excessive, the response may “stick”, leading to longer-lasting effects of short, shallow breathing. What makes this even more serious is that this behaviour in turn signals to the brain that stress is still present and the patterns continue, instead of regulating themselves. If this continues for too long it can become a learned behaviour, with serious affects on the body. 
In particular,  asthma can be developed or exacerbated. This is chronic lung condition where similar symptoms as discussed can last for long periods of time – even days. It can be triggered by any number of things, from allergens, sickness, climate changes or stress and can be noticed through wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath or tightness in the chest. 
Chiropractic care has been used to treat patients who experience both asthma and other breathing problems with great clinical results. Our patients have reported both a reduction in symptoms and a decreased need to use medications. Clinic results have also seen a reduction in the production of hormones that trigger asthma attacks, which in turn increases immunity to further incidences as well as general illness. 
The care we offer at Walkerville Chiropractic can not only address any breathing concerns you may have, but general care can lead to increased energy levels, a better quality of life, regulated sleep patterns, better bone health, reduced muscle tension and ultimately, an optimum level of general heath. All of these things are important to improve health over a life-long period and can help to reduce the affects and incidences of life-threatening conditions such as asthma.

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