Acupuncture and Pain Relief

Imagine if it all it took to cure chronic pain and discomfort in the body was a pin prick. Now imagine that in addition to this, that same pin prick could help ease the severity of neurological conditions, regulate sleeping problems and the cardiovascular system, or stabilize respiratory conditions, menstrual disorders and long-term skin conditions. It’s not a dream; for thousands of years, acupuncture has been finding the solutions to the medical mysteries of modern day research. 

The practice of acupuncture can be traced back to ancient Chinese medicine, with a developmental history that spans thousands of years. As part of an integrated system of healthcare known as Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture practices an ancient brand of medicine which seeks to ease pain and ailments in the body, and prevent future irregularities. The methods and beliefs incorporated in the treatments are some of the oldest in the world and are today becoming increasingly popular. 

Most significantly to us however, there is proven success in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, sporting injuries and chronic pain. Acupuncture is a great complement to the techniques of chiropractic care. Similar to the chiropractic approach to health care, the practice of acupuncture seeks to establish a natural equilibrium in the body; one that promotes healthy and normal function.  

Technically speaking, acupuncture involves the insertion of a number of tiny needles into specifically identified points around the body. These points are said to connect with key organs and channels within the body which control energy flows. It is said that when a blockage occurs within these energy channels, illness is the eventual result. 

Adapting these methods and beliefs into those of conservative Western medicine has not been without its difficulties. However, medical scholars have acknowledged research which suggests that the insertion of these special needles really does allow for the release of natural pain killers (endorphins) and natural relaxants. 

Given the astonishing results and the holistic approach taught through acupuncture, Dr Andrija, and many other adelaide chiropractors, use acupuncture regularly with his patients. He’s seen great success with the management of chronic conditions and the relief of pain. Not only does it provide drug-free, effective pain relief, but also treats the underlying causes of disease, preventing further deterioration or development. 

With regular care and management, along with the principles of a healthy lifestyle, we believe our patients can achieve the best out of their treatment on the path to a lifetime of general well-being. 

If you have any questions regarding the practice of acupuncture or how chiropractic care can benefit your health, please do no hesitate to ask any one of our doctors at your next consultation.

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