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Ice or Heat?
All through our lives, whenever injury has struck, our first reaction has probably been to grab the ice pack. Sometimes though, it’s hard to know whether a heat pack would be more effective, or whether the cool has more healing properties. Basically, ice treatment is best used for acute injuries. If an injury has begun to swell, you should look to ice it as soon as possible. This will ...

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During the natural course of our lives the quality of our eyesight fluctuates. With time, it’s generally the case that eyesight deteriorates, as do the natural functions of the body from general wear and tear. Given the nature of some of the conditions that can present themselves in the eye, many people traditionally will turn to medicine and surgery to tackle problems that arise. However, there are many alternative methods ...

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Better Breathing
“In… and out”. Breathing is not only key to our survival, but it’s the key to relaxation and fighting the body’s natural symptoms of stress. So with that said, chiropractors in Adelaide question why are nearly half of all Australians still breathing incorrectly.  While the mechanics of breathing might seem pretty straight forward – you inhale oxygen which is cycled around the body and then exhale, releasing carbon dioxide ...

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Choosing a Men’s Multivitamin
While very similar, the functions of women’s and men’s body do differ slightly. The balances of hormones, reproductive functions and stressors are different between the genders and hence health concerns vary. Choosing a multivitamin to supplement your diet is an excellent way of getting all the essentials mineral and vitamins that the body many not be getting through your regular diet. However, given the differing nature of men’s and women’s ...

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Natural Anti-Inflammatories
Inflammation is a naturally-occurring human reaction; defined by localised pain, redness, heat and swelling. Often this is a result of injury or degeneration, but can also occur from sprains, strains, cuts, grazes and insect bites/stings. What many people don’t realise however, is that the same process that produces those symptoms also drives disease. In a chiropractic sense, most of the inflammation we see is in the bones (more commonly referred ...

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Hair loss and diet
Male pattern baldness affects a large percentage of male men in Australia every year, and thought it doesn’t affect physical health in any, can have a debilitating affect on self esteem and confidence. At present, science still can’t tell us what causes this phenomena and how it can be prevented or cured.  Some research has however, suggested that what we eat could have some affect on preventing the onset ...

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How long and how often will I need to come in?
Once you have had your initial consultation, your chiropractor will give you a recommendation for your schedule of care (or in other words how long and how often you will need to come in for your adjustments). The schedule of care that your chiropractor will recommend for you is based on a number of different factors. These all combine to give us a prognosis for your recovery.  (1) How severe ...

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Detoxification  Whether we realise it or not, toxins are a part of our everyday life. While they may be a frequent occurrence in our environment, they can disrupt the function of our body and stop us from performing at our best. They come in the way of things like heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, food additives, medications, supplements, pollutants or simple filters in the food and water we consume. They ...

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Omega 3 and Heart Health
Adelaide chiropractors recognise that people who are diet conscious always seek to avoid fats in their diet – in actual fact though, good fats are essential for optimum health and long-term wellbeing.  Fats are a foreign substance to the body, despite them being essential for our survival. Omega 3 fats are the most beneficial and must be consumed to enter the body. Polyunsaturated fats are important for growth and ...

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