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Are We Getting Healthier?
Health Care is a crucial industry in Australia. Every time an election comes around, it is always one of the biggest and most contentious issues on the agenda, as politicians compete for the affections of the voting public. The standard rhetoric of “more money for health and education” is becoming very familiar. Here in South Australia, everyone seems to have an opinion about whether to redevelop the Royal Adelaide Hospital ...

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Apple Cider Vinegar
You’ve probably had some Apple Cider Vinegar sitting in the pantry for months, but you’ve probably never considered drinking some once a day. It may come as a surprise to many people, but apple cider vinegar is an extremely affective natural bacteria-fighting agent that contains a plethora of vital minerals and elements like potassium and magnesium that help to fight off disease and illness. Organic apple cider vinegar is made ...

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Many people have an idea of what they think a chiropractor does. However, when asked to verbalise this, few people will say much more than “it’s something about aligning the spine”. It’s true that the spine is the most common tool used by a chiropractor. What most people don’t know is the reason why a chiropractor places so much emphasis on the spine. The reason is that the spine has a very ...

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Chiropractic Kids
A child’s spine and the body is incredibly flexible and mobile and so even minor stresses can impact the function and create tension during the volatile stages of development. The nervous system controls everything that people, and children, do – from breathing and digesting to running, playing, thinking and feeling. Interference and damage to the system can significantly impact a child’s ability to function at their very best. Interference and ...

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Dispelling the myths surrounding Chiropractic
Over the years, a number of inaccurate and unfounded myths and reports have arisen about the practice of chiropractic care. Usually, these stories come from those whose health philosophies and practices conflict with those of chiropractic.  It is important to understand the facts, based on solid research and peer-reviewed findings. Here, we’ll go through some of the most common misunderstanding associated with the chiropractic profession and set the rumours straight.  ...

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Computers and Postural Stress
It seems inevitable, given the world we live in, that a vast majority of people spend a lot of time in front of a computer. Therefore, it’s logical that we see that a large number of people come through our clinic with postural stress related to computing and sitting at desks. The problems we see at Walkerville Chiropractic are varied – anything from forward head posture, ligament damage, carpal tunnel, ...

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Boosting Bone Density Naturally
Osteoporosis affects a large proportion of both Australian men and women annually. In addition, a large number of deaths occur from complications to fractures and falls associated with the brittle bones and immobility that comes with the condition. Medical doctors are often quick to prescribe medications to alleviate the pain and some of the symptoms that come with the condition, but rarely treat the route cause of the problem – ...

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Ear Infections
Unfortunately, it’s very common for young children to experience the pain and distress of ear infections; and it’s not an uncommon occurrence in adults. Almost 50 per cent of children will develop an ear infection in their first year and just over 66 per cent suffer the same condition in their first three years. The causes are varied; they can occur from trapped substances (like water or wax) within the ...

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Baby Walkers
Whether it’s through advertising, in movies or professional recommendation, we’re all familiar the baby walker. On the market in varying forms since 1851, the device was first designed to support young infants, usually up to a year old, who cannot walk to move from one place to another.   As technology and advertising has developed, the popularity of the baby walker has increased. But whilst manufacturers are producing an increasing ...

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